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Kaizer Reviews: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 4:23 PM
Hey, Glida’s back (called it) and she got some character development?!  WHAT IS THIS?! I DON’T EVEN?!

So, is this just gonna be a thing now? Character from season 1 come back and get some form of development?  Cause I’m totally on board with that.

Greetings and Bienvenue, my lovely watchers and welcome to another Kaizer reviews!  Before we begin I have something I need to confess. Initially, when I heard this was going to be Pinkie/Rainbow episode I started to prepare a bunch of shipping jokes, but when the episode had no ship teasing with the two (or any ship teasing. Period.) I discarded them.  Another thing I planned on doing was something similar to last week’s shipping war bit. But it got cut for a few reasons;

    1.       It would have been respective

    2.       I can get more jokes out of the Fluttercord vs Dislestia thing.

    3.       I..never really saw PinkieDsh as an issue.
Let me explain further; I view yuri shipping in the MLP fandom the same way I view yaoi shipping in Kingdom Hearts; I acknowledge it’s there and good majority of the fandom ships it…But it has no effect on me. I do not care about it in any way. And to be perfectly honest…a lot of ships in both categories are overrated and kind of boring in my less than humble opinion.
I didn’t mean to side go on such a long tangent. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again. Now to the review! 

At this point in time, it’s getting really hard for me to writer these because….this episode was just really great.  The writers did a good job with Gilda here, and have partially redeemed her in my eyes. It was nice to see more of equestia in the form of Griffinstone. Yay for world building!!!  Glida makes her first major appearance since season 1, and it’s here where we see the reason for her bad altitude.  I like how the issue wasn’t solved by the end of the episode, and that it’s up to the griffins to fix their mess of a town.  Though, I was a bit perturbed that of the griffins (Gilda included) were shown as being so money hungry (Twi’s explanation did not help matters). And speaking of Twilight…I love her reaction in not being able to go see Griffin Stone. The only other thing I think might have one up’ed it is:

“Don't tell me. 'Friendship'?”

“Uh, no. Baking powder.”

That shit floored me.  It was also nice to see Gilda and Dash re-kindle their friendship, and even nice-er to see how the too meet (Also, young Gilda is adorable). And is that another G1 villain?!...No, seriously. I have no clue who that giant goat man is/was.  I’m really digging this tread of bring back old characters and fleshing them out.  I wish to keep this trend up. I guess the only issue I had was Pinkie leaning on the fourth wall….Never liked that part about her.

So a super solid episode in all. Good character development, nice world building, and the redemption of a past minor antagonist.  Nice job, MLP staff!

I realize not a lot of people are going to be happy with my previous statement, and that it me get me killed….Actually, now that I think about it. I’ve said a lot of controversy stuff about the fandom. All the times I defend Flash Sentry, the bit about headcanons, the shipping thing. Whether it’s a DP, a Ramble, or even one of my reviews.  Yeah, I’ve had the occasional douche bag here and there, but I’ve never gotten full on hate. Hm…Well, since I can more or less get away with saying whatever I want…

[WARNING: Crimson is about to go on a long rant about things within the fandom that burn him. If you do not wish to read this section, please scroll down to the point where the rant ends. Also, if you are going to be a whiny little bitch baby about his opinion on these matter, we ask you go tell someone who cares.]

I find it hilarious that people rag on Flash for lacking in personality, when the Dazzlelings have the same amount of personality. Especially Sonata who’s only trait is that she is an air head and Aria whose trait is that she’s snarky.

Derpy Hooves is overrated and Dr. Whooves is a terrible name that reminds me of a good show with a terrible fandom.

Twilight being shipped with Shadow, Mordecai, Peter Parker, or any other character from another show is just dumb to me.

Cupcakes, Cheerilee’s garden, SAM, and other similar grim dark bull shit is just that; BULLSHIT. And they do not deserve the recognition they have.

CheeriMac is a ship that was born out of a date rape drug, and it bothers me to no end.

Sonata Dusk is overrated (and I like her)

I think Season 4 is better than season 1&2.

The “Love and Tolerate” line is pure bullshit, since very rarely do members of this fandom(myself included) exhibit these traits.

I don’t why so many people fawn over Double Diamond and Braeburn or where the idea that Braeburn is gay came from.

Molestia was never funny.

Pinikiemania is awful.

The "Human Twilight is evil" gag makes zero sense to me.

The fact that there are so many incest ships involving the Apple family frightens me.

The Flash Sentry hate train needs to be derailed.

I do not care for most of the “background six.” with the only exception being Vinyl.

Most of this fandom has a cherry picking mentality and it needs to die. Now.

Whoo! Did that feel good! I’ve been holding most of that in for a long time! In any case, I hope to see you all once again on June 13th where we’ll…Wait, what?

[Checks release date for Episode 100] …June 13th?....That’s in three weeks!  What the ever loving fu-…Um…J-join me next time when I talk about the episode everyone has been waiting for(in three weeks)

This is Crimson Kaizer, and as always; be fandom, not fandumb and watch some goddamn cartoons.



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