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So, I have a new tactic to writing. 

1 deviant said Hopefully, this will keep me from getting burned out quickly.
No deviants said I spend two days working on one story....
No deviants said ....Two days working on another one...
No deviants said ...Two days for resting...
No deviants said And on Sunday I'll alternate between them

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Something I don't get within fandoms is that if you don't like or hate a ship...why do you keep thinking about it, making ant work about it or requesting/commissioning anti work of it? I use to do this during my younger Internet days, and looking back at it now...It was really pathetic. 

And before anyone says "Well, I'm free to like and hate what I want." You are totally right. You have total freedom to like and dislike what you want. But, what I am asking is why focus some much of your energy on something you don't like? Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on your otp rather than give your ship a bad name by creating all this negativity?  Something else that is bother some is when they do make work of their otp...and it features a character from their notp being a terrible partner and the person from their otp as a savior.

I'm honestly baffled by this...If you have a ship you dislike, just dislike and stop with all the anti work(it just makes you look really immature) and focus on your otp.

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These last few weeks, I have been talking with people on DA alot more than I use too. So, to commemorate this, I will be listing the names of people who I have known on DA fro a long time and see as great friends/extended family or people who I have gotten to know over the course of these last few weeks.

(Also, you guys should probably follow em. If you want to...You don't have to. I won't force you to if you don't wanna...just saying)

:iconpurfectprincessgirl: We've had a few conversation here and there. And in all of them she is really cool. She's super chill about things too. I like super chill people.

:iconsonicsketcher64: She's just really nice. very nice. And, despite her age, she is very mature. I had a lefit intelligent conversation with her. (And she's so nice!)

:iconsharingan-shinobi: How many times have I plugged one of his works? He is easily one of my closets fiends on DA. He's actually become something like a brother to me....

:iconauthor-bat-pegasus: Someone else who I consider a very close friend. Despite that fact that we just start talking a few months back, he is probably one of the big reasons I fully got into the MLP fandom...(And Bat, if you are reading this, if you do happen to take a liking and become fully into the Persona fandom....Yehehehehehe)

:iconmytokyokitty: One of my oldest friends here. Even if we dont talk like we use to, I still think of her as someone who would go out of her way to help others. (She's really nice too)

:iconbravokrofski: Another recent friend. Granted, we don't talk all that much, But from the talks we have had, I defiantly like him. (Also, he is hilarious) 

:iconprincesshanyou: SS's finance. Granted we have only spooken once(over facebook) but, the talk we had was a great one. I really want to get to know here better. And she makes my bro happy. 

:icon2ndcitycrusader:&:iconsoryukey: Putting these together because I met them at around the same time. These are are my oldest DA friends. Them being some of the first people I eve followed on DA. We don't talk that much anymore, (which is mostly my fault) But, I hope that will change soon enough. (Oh, and they are twins)  These guys are both really cool and fun to be around. Both are pretty hardcore games, and just like to have a good time. 

And that's it. I realize that there are some other I might have forgot for one reason or another(which isn't on purpose...I swear) But, when I think of DA Family...these nine will be the first ones I think of.  Family is pretty important to me; they are there for you thought the good and bad times, and if I can look at you and say you are brother/sister to me; I mean that. In my eyes; you are family.

To quote Bobby Singer: "Family doesn't end with blood."(Oh god, that's so cheesy I'm sorry)

I love you guys. I hope 2015 brings each of you something great.
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So, I have a new tactic to writing.
1 deviant said Hopefully, this will keep me from getting burned out quickly.
No deviants said I spend two days working on one story....
No deviants said ....Two days working on another one...
No deviants said ...Two days for resting...
No deviants said And on Sunday I'll alternate between them
200 years ago…A rock descended from the heavens and stuck the Earth, landing in the isle of Japan.

This rock had strange marking engraved onto it. The soldiers of Emperor Kokaku presented the stone to him.

However, it was show that everyone who had encountered the stone gained supernatural abilities. Those who acquired these abilities were ousted as demons or monsters and were hunted.

They were eventually known as “Mahou ningan”.

Over time, more heavenly stones fell from the heavens to different nations on the planet.
As more mahou ningan were born onto the planet, more people became fearful of them; some using their amazing powers for personal gain.

In order to combat this, a group was formed to protect the innocent, using the abilities to fight against other mahou ningan.

The group's name is…”Death Beat.

{Beat 1: Start of the New Year! The Green-haired teacher!}





My name is Hideo. Hideo Kurogane. I’m your everyday teenager. I’m just an average kid. Average at school. Average At sports. Average at most things. The only thing not so average about me is my white hair.

“Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, CRAP! Mom!” I yelled, my voice ringing throughout the house.

“Yes, Hideo-kun?” My mother, Saria, called back.

“What happened; why is my alarm just NOW going off?!”

“Well, I tried to wake you the first time it went off, but you wouldn’t budge.” She said in an “as-a-matter-of-fact” kind of voice.

“I’m gonna be late on my first day back!” I said, moaning loudly. I quickly rushed to get dressed, trying to find my left shoe.

“Come on! Where are you?! Aha! Found it!” I said, rising the shoe triumphantly.
I glanced over at my clock, it read 8:35.

“CRAP!!! I gotta go!!” Making a dash for the door, I grabbed a piece of toast before leaving.

“Later, mom!” I shouted, exiting the house.

“Oh man, oh man!” I muttered to myself, running down the street, completely unaware of my surroundings.


“Hey, Norii.” I greeted my friend. Norii has been my friend since we were kids. He’s a bit chubby, with a round face, light green eyes, and brown hair.

“So, I see you’re late, and on the first day too; A shame.” Norii chuckled.

“OH, shut up! You’re late too, dumbass!” I spat back.

“Hah! Whatever! I just wanted to get under your skin. Looks like it worked.” He grinned.

“You suck, Norii!” I said, still running.

As Norii and I reached the train station, I took my phone out, it read 8:48.

“Aw, damn! We’re not gonna make it!” I said, panting.

“Don’t worry, dude! We still have another eight minutes before the train comes!”

Looking up ahead, I saw the train station.

Yes!’ I yelled mentally. ‘We’re gonna make-‘My thoughts were interrupted by my crashing into someone, falling on to the ground shortly after.

“Ow…” I groaned, rubbing my back. “Jeez. Sorry about that, mister!” I quickly apologized, bowing.
The man simply gave me a warm smile.

“It’s fine.” He spoke.” Be a tad more careful next, son.” He smiled before walking in the opposite direction.

For some unknown reason, I felt like I knew the man. I took a quick glance at the man before joining Norii.

“Oi, Hideo, what’s wrong? You look distracted by something.” Norii asked.

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing. “I said, shrugging off the strange feeling.

“Well, hurry up! It’s already 8:53! The train will be here soon!” Norii called back.

Shit!’ I mentally scold myself for getting distracted. I quickly ran over to where Norii was standing.

-At School-

Norii and I had just made it before the first bell rung.

“We made it!” A loud sigh escaped my lips.

“No thanks to you.” Norii spoke, sound kind of ticked.

“What? We made it before the bell, didn’t we? Don’t get so pouty.” I countered with a grin.

“Besides, I’m surprised that you even care. If I recall, you spent most of last year making out with the desk.” I chuckled.

“Well, of course I don’t care about school! I care…ABOUT THE LOVELY LADIES OF OUR SCHOOL!!!” Norii yelled, catching the attention of everyone with in an earshot.

Sighing, I looked at my overly loud friend.

“Dude, don’t you care about anything other than girls?” I asked, putting emphasis on the “other”.
Norii was taken aback by my question (at least, I think he was).

“WHAT ELSE IS THERE, HIDEO!?” Norii asked loudly, further drawing attention to us.

“Norii, people are looking. Lower your damn voice!” I hissed, looking around at the people whispering.

“Come on, Hideo! I know you think about girls too!” Norii accused, slightly lowering his voice.
“Not all the time.” I shot back. Norii gave a sly smile.

“Oh really? Is that so?” He asked slyly. I raised an eyebrow.

“Isn’t there somebody in our class that you think about constantly?” Norii asked, his smile growing larger.

I felt my face heat up. “I-I’ve no idea of whom you speak of…” I turned away from Norii. Not wanting him to see my reddened face.

“So…you don’t think about Aiko-san all the time?” Norii chuckled.

At this point, I realized that any attempt to further deny my feeling for…A certain someone, would end badly. Sighing, I threw my arms in defeat.

“Maybe I do think about Aiko-san sometimes.” I said with a sigh. “Sometimes?! Dude, she was ALL you thought about last year! I remember during our baseball game, you were trying so hard to get a homerun, that when you swung the bat, it flew out of your hands and Ko’ed the umpire!” Norii said, laughing.

I was pretty surprised (and annoyed) that Norii remembered that. He has a pretty bad memory.

“Whatever, man.” I replied. “So, did you hear?” Norii asked.

“Hear what?”

“We’re getting a new teacher this year! And rumor is, that he’s from a different country!” Norii said, sounding excited.

Another country?’ I thought. “Are you sure about that, Norii?” I asked my chubby friend. “I mean, why would they hire some from a different country to teach here?”

“Maybe we’re going to be learning a different language?” A third voice asked.

Norii and I turned to see who it was. To our surprise, it was the person we had just gotten done talking about.

Aiko Tsukihiro.

Also known as another of my childhood friends.

…And my crush.

“Uh…A-A-Aiko-san…” I struggled to form a sentence.

“Hey, Aiko-san!” Norii waved.

The black hair-girl smiled warmly at the two of us.

“So, how was vacation?” She asked.

“Not long enough.” Norri sighed.

“You never were one for school, Norii-kun.” Aiko chuckled.

“Oh! Hideo-kun! Did you have a good vacation too?” She turned to me.

“Uh…Um…I-It was good.” I replied, tripping over my words.

“Hm? Hideo-kun?” Aiko asked as she walked closer towards me.

“Y-yes?” I asked, my voice trembling.

“Are you Ok? Your face is really red.” She placed her hand on my forehead.

At this point, my brain was going into overdrive mode. The girl who I’ve had a crush on since we were kids is checking my temperature!

“Hmm, you don’t seem to have a fever…” She said, removing her hand from my head.

“You gotta be careful, Aiko-san. You almost broke the poor guy.” Norii snorted.

Aiko gave Norii a puzzled looked. “What do you mean?”

Norii chucked. “Nothing.”

The three of us talked for some time just as the second bell rung.

A few seconds afterward, someone walked into the class room.

“Hello, everyone.” The man spoke.

The person looked at the class, a warm smile formed on his lips.

“I will be your homeroom teacher for the year.” He said calmly.

The man in question was fairly tall, had tan skin, and dark green eyes. He was wearing a Black fedora, with a gray jacket with white lines on the arms and chest, black dress pants, and a white button up shirt, a black tie, and brown belted shoes.

There was something else about him…something familiar.

“My name is Tamashii Roda.” He said with a bow, removing his hat, revealing his green hair.
The moment his hat came off, the class exploded. Everyone (myself include) were in awe about our teacher’s strange hair color.

“Now, now.” Tamashii called out to the class, trying to calm us.

“I know you all must have questions about my…*ahem* appearance. But, please save any question you may have for later.” Our teacher said calmly, a smile on his face.

Upon hearing his words, the class had begun to quiet down, though there were still a while murmurs here and there.

“Hey, Hideo.” Norii whispered.


“What do you think is up with this guy’s hair? No way is it his real color.”

“Well…” I Began. “What about my hair? I mean, it’s WHITE! So, I don’t think we should rule out the possibility of it being his real hair color.” I whispered back.

“Hm…True.” Norii replied. “So-“

“*Ahem* Kurogane-kun and Hitora-kun.” Roda called.

The two of us shot up within a second.

“Yes, sensei?”

“I’m sure whatever you are talking about is very interesting, but could you save it for after class?” Roda-sensei called to us from the front.

“Y-yes sensei.” Norri and I said simultaneously.

We could hear shared giggles thought out the class. Sighing, the two of us sat back down.

-Later, during lunch-

“Well, THAT was embarrassing!” Norii huffed, flopping onto his seat.

“No doubt.” I agreed.

“I mean, did he really have to call us out like that?! Man, this is not a good way to start the New Year!” Norii let out a huge sigh.

“Indeed.” I sighed.

“Hey, Norii?” I began.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Have you seen Eichii at all?”

“Hm? Eichii? Nope. She’s probably in the computer room or the library.” Norii said, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“You know how much of a-“

“Of a what, Norii-tan?” An all too familiar voice spoke.

Turning around slow, we saw our other friend, Eichiro Uzushi (or Eichii)

Eichii was a pretty thin brunette, with brown eyes and a pair of red glasses.

“Uh! E-Eichii-san! H-how was your vacation?” Norii asked in a panic. This made Eichii giggle.

“Oh, calm down, Norii-tan. I’m only joking.” She chuckled, much to Norii’s chagrin.

“So, where have you been? We didn’t see you in first period? “I questioned.

“In the library.” She replied, with her chest huffed out.

“Called it.” Norii stated.

“Anyway, I was in the library checking out some books.” She said.

“And by “books” you mean manga, right?” I snickered.

Eichii gave a short laugh. “Yeah…”

As Eichii sat down, the three of us began to speak about what we did during vacation and catching up on school stuff.

When, suddenly;


Everyone in the cafeteria head’s shot up like a rocket. The tension in the air was thick. All was quite.

After a few minutes, the chatter resumed. Only now it was about the attack.

“Again?!” Norii snarled, his voice dripping with venom. Both Eichii and I saw the pained expression on Norii’s face.

Sighing deeply, Eichii took out her tablet and began to search the net.

“Eichii, what-“

“Trying to find out where the attack happened.” Eichii answered, her gaze not leaving the table screen. Some seconds later, Eichii stopped.

“Ah! It was just outside of Shinjuku!” She declared. “Norii…D-do you wanna-“

“Show me…please.” He asked, the tone of his voice unchanged.

Giving another long sigh, Eichii pressed the play button.

“Hello, viewers and welcome to the Noon news.” The anchorwoman spoke, trying to hide the fear in her voice.

For those of you unaware, just over 20 minutes ago, the Shinjuku area suffered its third Manin related attack this month.” The Anchorwoman said. My gaze left the screen for a moment to focus of Norii, who is biting his lip.

We have live footage of the attack. Viewer discretion is highly advised.” Moments later, a shot of a large humanoid bull was shown attacking random people. It was out of focus, so not much could be made out.

“My God.” Eichii chocked out. “How could someone do this?”

“They don’t care.” Norii spat coldly. “They don’t give a damn about human life! All they care about is destroying and causing as much pain as possible!” Norii snapped, turning his vision away from the screen.

I hate them.” Norii snarled bitterly.

I wanted to say something to him, but…what COULD I say? Norii was still hurting from what happened three years ago.

Three years ago.’ I thought absentmindedly.

Three years ago…Norii lost his father because of a Manin. What’s worse, Norii saw his father die.
I guess that’s why his always so upbeat. He doesn’t know how to coup with it.

“Hey…” Norii started. “I…I need to be alone for a bit. See you next period.” Norii gave a weak smile, walking out of the cafeteria.

“Norii.” I sighed. Damn it all. I wish I could have done something. I wish I could have stop that bastard! I wish…


‘Crap, the bell.’ I mentally swore. I need to get to class.

“Hey, I’ll see you later Eichii.” I waved to my glasses wearing friend.

“Right…” Eichii said somewhat sadly. As I began to leave, Eichii called out to me.

“Hideo!” She yelled.


“…Watch out for Norii, and…don’t blame yourself.”

-In the hall-

While, on my way to History, I was thinking about Norii and, very loosely, the Manin.

Manin were humans who possessed strange powers. No one really knows how or where the even got powers from. Only that most of them crave destruction and will use their power their own selfish desires.

“Manin…Just what are they?”

“Daydreaming again, Kurogane?”

My head snapped up the moment I heard that voice.

‘Oh crap.’ I mentally swore. I knew this voice all too well.

The Mathematics teacher; Mr. Hanzou Kirigiri.

“Uh…G-good afternoon, Kirigiri-sensei.” I said with a bow.

“I don’t see Hitora anywhere. Am I to presume that you two no long associate?” He asked, sternly.

I hissed under my breath. He was always like this, trying to tear Norii and I apart.

“No, sir.” I answered, biting my lip.

“Is that so? Disappointing.” He sighed.

I clenched my fist at his comment. I really don’t like him and I think he knows it.

Yet, for some reason; anytime I’m near him, I feel…strange. It’s a feeling I can’t explain. But…I-It feels like-

“Kurogane!” Hanzou yelled.

“Y-yes, sir!?” I answered.

“The second bell is about to ring. Hurry up and get to class.” He demanded.

With nothing more than a nod, I ran down the hall

“Yes…He is the one.”

-After school, Normal POV-

“Finally! School is over!” Norii yelled happily.

“Ahh~! Thank god! Sitting in that chair is murder on my back~!” Echii yawned.

“Yeah. Feels nice to stretch all sitting all day!” Hideo smiled.

“Oi, Hideo! You gonna go check on Aiko-tan?” Echii chuckled lightly.

Hideo could feel the heat rise to his cheeks. “Uh…I-I was think about it.”

“Well, you’d better hurry.” Norii added. “You know how she gets when she starts training.”

“Right!” Hideo said, grabbing his backpack and dashed out of the classroom.

As he ran down the hall, Hideo was thinking about his earlier encounter with Hanzou.

“What was the weird feeling?” He thought aloud. This was not the first time he had such a feeling.
“It happened before…Three year ago.” Hideo’s running had begun to slow down until he came to a complete stop, right in front of his homeroom.

Three years ago.’ Hideo wondered. ‘That’s when-

“Kurogane-kun? Are you alright?” Came the familiar voice of his foreign homeroom teacher, Tamashii Roda.

“Oh! Sensei! Yes. I’m doing fine.” Hideo squeaked.

“Are you sure? You seem a tad uneasy.” The green haired male pondered.

“It’s nothing…I was just thinking about something that happened a few years back.” replied Hideo.
Upon hearing this, Roda raised an eyebrow.

“Something happened?”

“Oh, right. You wouldn’t know about that having been transferred and all.” Hideo chuckled lightly.
With a heavy sigh, Hideo began. “Well, three years ago, my neighborhood was attacked…by a manin.”
Roda inhaled sharply before letting the boy continue.

“It happened so suddenly, but, I remember it so clearly.” Hideo said, his eyes darkening.
Hideo remained silent for some time before continuing.

“After the attack had begun, the police had everyone in my neighborhood evacuated. Norii’s dad was the police chief at the time, and stayed behind to fight the manin off. Norii and I were coming back from the city at the time. We had no clue of the manin attack.”

-Flashback: Three years ago. Hideo and Norii’s neighborhood-

“Damn, Norii” Hideo cheered. “You got the highest rank in that game! Your skills are awesome!” The white haired teen shrieked.

“That, my friend is the result of spending most of my summer in front of a video game!” Norii beamed.

Hideo chuckled lightly at his friends comment. As the two made their way back, Hideo notice something was amiss. There were hundreds of people crowding around their homes.

“Hey, what’s up with everyone?” Hideo asked aloud.

“No clue.” Norii shrugged. The two males ran over towards the crowd.

As the two males made their way towards the crowd, Norii saw his mother and baby sister.

“Mom?” Norii called out, sounding concerned.

“Norii! Hideo-kun!” Norii’s mother, Yukari Hitora, called back to her son and his friend.

“What’s going on; why is everyone outside?” Norii asked, his voice trembling.

“Norii…”Yukari began, trying desperately to remain calm.

“There was an accident…involving a manin.”

The color from both of the young males’ faces drained.

A manin attack; In their neighborhood.

“Where’s dad?!” Norii broke the silence.

Yukari turned towards her son. “Norii…”

“Mom…where is dad!?” Norii asked once more, his eyes begging for an answer.

Yukari bit her lip; unable to face her son.

Seething, Norii ran past Yukari and into the crowd trying to get a better view.

“Norii!” Yukari yelled after her son, her words, however, fell on deaf ears.

“Damnit, Norii.” Hideo swore under his breath. Glancing over at the distort woman, Hideo let out a deep sigh.

“I’ll go get him, Hitora-san.” He said.

Hearing this, Yukari turned towards the white haired boy. “No! I can’t let you! I won’t!”

“Hitora-san, I have a better chance to calm him down right now than you do.” Hideo spoke. “He’s not thinking about anything else expect seeing his dad. Trying to drag him back by force would make things worse, right?” Hideo flashed the older woman a small smile.

Yukari gazed at the white haired boy. She saw past his smile and knew that, deep down, he was scared. Not only for himself, but Norii also.

“Hideo,” Yukari spoke. ”I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you got hurt because of this. Please, stay here.”

Hideo looked between the pleading woman and the crowd that hid his friend. Letting out a sigh, the white haired teen turned back to the black haired woman and bowed.

“Sorry!” With that, Hideo made a mad dash toward Norii.

After pushing several people out of his way, Hideo found Norii being restrained by to officers.
“LET ME GO!” He struggled under the hold of the cops.

“Norii-kun! Please, calm yourself!” One of the cops said. “You know we can’t-“

“DAD IS IN THERE!” Norii screamed. “I HAVE TO GO HELP HIM!”

“Norii-kun, don’t be crazy!” The second cop said, holding Norii back. The green eye boy tried his hardest to break free from the officers to no avail.

“Norii!” A voiced called to him. Looking up, Norii saw the form of his friend, Hideo.

“Norri! It’s too dangerous! We need to” Hideo’s words were cut by a loud crash. The four males turned toward the source, only to find a large, inhuman creature.

Hideo froze. “I-is that?”

“EVERYONE, BACK AWAY NOW!” A cop yelled at the crowd. The sight of the beast caused the crowd to panic. Everyone scattered in random directions, pushing and screaming at each other.

The two officers, who held Norii, pushed him and Hideo back.

“Norri-kun! You must get out of here!” He shouted, firing at the beast. Hideo ran to grab Norii’s arm, pulling him away. “Hideo!? “ Norii looked back.

” LET. ME. GO!!” He growled.

“No, Norii!” Hideo struggled. “We need to get outta here!”

Norii pulled back. “IM NOT LEAVING WITHOU-“ Another crash alerted the arguing boys to the manin.

Taking it the size of the beast, Norii froze on the spot. In a swift motion, Hideo grabbed Norii’s arm and ran away from the scene. Another crash and several screams snapped Norii out of his daze. Looking around, he noticed Hideo pulling him away for the area.

“Hideo-“He began, only to be interrupted by the other boy” Don’t argue! We need to-“


Turning back once more, Norii found the source of the scream and became horrified.

“D-dad?” Hideo halted his get away, and turned himself to see Hiruzen Hitora lying on the ground, blood surrounding his form.

“D-DAD!” Norii panicked, struggling to break free from Hideo.

“N-no!” Hiruzen chocked out, coughing of blood.

“I’m not leaving, dad!” Norii shouted.

“H-H-Hideo…” The older Hitora male spoke slowly. Pushing himself upwards ever so slightly, He look down at his wound.

'Shit.' He thought. 'It’s…no good.'

Looking up, he saw the pure, fierce determination on his son’s face. Hearing a thunderous boom behind, the gray haired male gave a weak smile to the boys and spoke;


Tightening his grip, Hideo ran at full speed, pulling Norii along.

Hideo closed his eyes tightly ignoring everything else; the sounds of gunfire, the screams of his neighbors, Norii’s protest, and the eventual screams of Hiruzen Hitora.

-Flashback ends-

“After that, we got back to his mother and left the neighborhood. No one was aloud there for a month.” Hideo said, his voice shaking. “They…never found the manin that attacked us.” Hideo said, exhaling deeply.

“I see.” Roda replied coolly. “So, the manin is still out there, hurting more people.” Roda replied with a hint of bitterness.

Hideo caught this. “Sensei?” Hideo asked the green haired man, causing him to chuckle lightly. “It’s nothing, just reminiscing.”

Hideo stared at the green haired male for a few more seconds before speaking.

“Um…Well, thank you for listening, sensei.” Hideo bowed. “Have a nice night.”

“Kurogane-kun?” Roda stopped him. Hideo, slightly confused, turned back to his teacher.

“Yes, sir?” Roda opened his mouth to speak, but stopped himself at the last second.

“Never mind. It’s nothing. Have a good night.” The jade eyed male gave a warm smile to his student, who returned in.

With a bow, Hideo continued on his way.

“…Hm. I guess it is him after all."

-Nighttime, at the Kurogane home-

Hideo sat at his work desk, jotting things down in his notebook.

“Hm…” Hideo let out a sigh, his mind wondering back to his talk with Roda. The older man seemed a bit upset when the mention of the missing manin was brought up; more so, when he had told him about the cause of death of Norii’s father.

“Hm…Did sensei lose someone to a manin attack as well? That would explain it.” Hideo pondered. Leaning back in his chair, the ivory haired teen let his mind wonder for a moment before returning to the task at hand.

“Ugh. This is crazy. Why am I thinking so hard about this now? Is it because of the most recent attack?” Hideo pondered, leaning back in his chair. With another sigh, the silver haired teen, reached into his back pack for his math book. Hideo cringed, math was always his least favorite subject, hence why he always did it last. After digging around in his bag for several minutes, Hideo came to a horrible realization.

“Shit! I left it at school!” Hideo screeched. Jetting out of his chair, Hideo made a mad dash out of the door, down the stairs, and towards the door.

“Hideo!” a voiced called to him. Turning to find the source, Hideo came face to face with his father; Jinin Kurogane.

“Oh, hey dad!” Hideo waved to the towering brunette.

“Where do you think you’re going? It’s nearly 8.” Jinin spoke firmly. Hideo bit his lip, trying to think of an excuse. “Um…I was going to Norii’s. I left my math book over there.” The teen lied.

Jinin raised a brow, staring at his son for several moments.

“Hideo…you wouldn’t be lying to me, would you?” Jinin asked.

“O-of course not!” Hide flashed a cheeky grin. Jinin eye’s soften a bit before speaking again.

“All right. But, hurry back.” Jinin said before returning to the living room. Hideo breathed a sigh of refile. With that matter settled, he departed for the school.

-In front of the school-

Hideo knew he should have thought this all the way through. Getting to the school was easy. Hoping the gate was a bit more challenging, but still doable. Actual getting into the school proved more difficult.

“Of course it’s locked.” Hideo let out an irritated sigh. How could he forget that the school would be locked? He cursed himself for his lack of foresight.

“Ugh..dammnit. I’m gonna get in so much trouble.” Hideo slammed his head on the door, which, to his shock, opened slightly.

“Huh?” Hideo muttered. This was strange. Why was the door still open? Did principal forget to lock up?

No. That was not possible. The principal was not that irresponsible.

So, why was it open?

Hideo slowly walked into the darkened school, his breathing slow and slightly panicked.
Slowly, the white haired teen made his way down the pitch black halls.

“Man…why did I come alone? I should have brought Norii.” Hideo cursed himself. Looking up ahead, he could slightly make out his home room.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Hideo quickened his pace, desperate to get his book and leave.

Opening the door slowly, Hideo peaked inside the classroom and began to make his way towards his desk.

Hm. This is…bizarre.’ Hideo pondered mentally. ‘Why would my math book be here? I’m sure I put it in my bag before homeroom let out. There’s no way it should be here unless-

“Good evening, Kurogane.” A voice snapped Hideo out of his own thoughts and back to reality.
Turning quickly, his eyes fellow upon the source of the voice.

Hanzou Kirigiri.

“M-Mr.Kirigiri?! What are you doing here?” Hideo asked. His voice held a bit of fear in it.

Hanzou smiled. “I was just…wanting for someone.”

Hideo felt immensely uncomfortable around the man. Granted, he never felt at peace around this man. But, now…there was something even more off putting about him.

Something almost sinister.

“Uh…sir? A-are you alright?” Hideo asked, the fear in his voice creeping with each passing second.
Hanzou’s gaze was firmly locked on the boy, His smile becoming wider.

“I’m perfectly fine, Kurogane-kun. Hehehe.” Hanzou moved closer towards the terrified teen.

Hideo’s mind was racing, his eyes darting every which way they could, his breath becoming faster with each pasting second as the grinning man moved in.

“And do you know why I feel so good right not, Kurogane?!” Hanzou grabbed the white haired teen by his arm, pulling him in close.

“O-ow! Mr.Kirigiri! You’re hurting me!” Hideo tried to pull away, but the depraved man’s grip was tight…unusually tight.

Hanzou ignored with boy’s complaining as he began to laughing loudly and psychotic.

“Because after all these years, after dealing with all the stupid bullshit of these worthless humans! I finally found you…a fellow manin.”

Hideo froze. His eyes locked solely on his teacher, his mind processing the information that was just made known to him.
“I-I’m…what?” Hideo squeaked, his voice shaky and weak. Hanzou gave a low chuckle.

“Surprised? I’d image so. It’s pretty surprising to learn that you are a part of better species.” Hanzou chuckled, pulling the child outside the room into the hall.

Hideo made no effort to fight back. His mind still was racing with what he had learned. Once the two got outside, Hanzou sniffed the air.

“Hm…Looks like we’re alone. Good” Hanzou grinned madly. Hideo slowly looked at his teacher, the man looked less human and more like an animal on the prowl. He tried to speak, but his voice was lost. How could this be? He couldn’t be a manin. He couldn’t!

“I…I’m not.” He whispered. This caught the attention of Hanzou.

“Hm?” The brunette raised an eye brow.

“I’m not…” Hideo said a bit louder, wresting himself for Hanzou’s grip. “What are you-“

“I’M NOT! I’M NOT! I’M NOT!” Hideo screamed, falling to his knees as he grabbed the sides of his head.

“I can’t be… I can’t be the same thing that killed Norii’s dad.”

Hanzou sneered at the boy’s outburst.

“What are you crying for? You’re a part of a superior race, Kurogane!” Hanzou boasted. Hideo remained still; the words of his former teacher ringing fresh in his mind.

“Superior!?” Hideo growled, rising to his feet. “There…There IS NOTHING SUPERIOR ABOUT YOU MONSTERS! All you do is destroy and cause pain and suffering towards normal people! You’re…you’re all horrible creates!”

“I wouldn’t say all of us, Kurogane-kun.” A voice came from nowhere. Hideo’s head shot up, his eyes darting everywhere to try and pin point the location of the voice.

Hanzou sniffed the air once more, following the scent; he turned his head towards the roof, seeing a figure upon it.

Hideo followed suit, trying to see who the voice belonged to.

Hanzou gave a low growl.

“So, it was you!” Hanzou barked at the figure.

The figure jumped down from the roof, landing in front of the doors.

“W-who...” Hideo began to ask before the figure walked out of the shadows.

“Tamashi…” Hanzou snarled, cheering at the green haired man swiping furiously at him.

Roda side stepped Hanzou’s attacks, pulling a playing card out of seemingly nowhere, Roda slashed at the mad manin. Hanzou blocked the attack with his arms, before launching a counterattack.

Roda dodge the attack, closely looking at Hanzou’s now clawed hands.

So…He’s a Beast Shifter class?’ Roda thought to himself, producing another playing card.

The green haired male slashed rapidly at Hanzou. Hanzou blocked his assault, jumping back a few feet to give him some distance.

“Damn.” Hanzou gave a low growl, holding his bloodied arm. Roda glared harshly at the manin, griping his card tightly.

All Hideo could do was watch as his teachers battled. His mind a complete blank; still trying to piece everything together.

“Kurogane;” He spoke slowly. “You need to get away from here.” Hanzou’s eyes shot open, turning towards the white haired teen.

“HE IS MINE!” Hanzou roared, lunging at Hideo. Snapping back to reality, Hideo saw the vicious manin lunging at him, fangs bared.

“AHHH!” Hideo screamed. In a quick motion, a wall of cards formed between the two.
“W-what?” Hideo asked in a shaky voice. Turning to his, left he saw Roda, hand extended. Hideo slowly opened his mouth to thank the man, only to be interrupted.

“Thank me later! Run now!” Roda yelled at the boy. Hideo gave a weak nod before standing up and ran away from the combating manin.

Furious, Hanzou turned towards the fleeing teen.

“You will NOT ESCAPE ME!” Hanzou howled. Lowering himself, Hanzou’s eyes began to flicker, his back arced upwards, tearing his shirt and coat, teeth growing into fangs, his clawed hands quickly became covered with dark brown fur, a tail spawning from his back, wolf like ears spawned from his skull, standing tall, His feet shifted into hind legs, growing talons. The man known as Hanzou Kirigiri was no more; in his place stood a large dark brown wolfman.

“So…this is your true form?” The jade eyed man spat coldly, arming himself once more. Hanzou gave a low chuckle.

“Like it? This is the form of a superior being!” Roda snorted at the wolfman’s comment.

“Do you find something amusing, Tamashii?” Hanzou asked in a grizzle voice.

“Manin are not superior beings…nor are humans.” Roda replied, slowly walking towards the beast shifter. With another flick of his wrist, Roda threw three cards. Hanzou smacked them away with the swing of his tail. Extending his left claw, Hanzou lunged at Roda, furiously sweeping his claws at the green haired manin.

Roda back stepped the onslaught, eyes focused on his foe. Hanzou threw a low sweep at Roda with his tail, knocking him off balance. Hanzou, taking advantage of the situation, thrust his claw into Roda’s chest.

“URK!” Roda groaned, coughing up blood. Hanzou bellowed, plunging his claws further into Roda’s chest.

“HA! For some odd reason, I expected a Conductor Class manin to be strong than this! Image my disappointment.” Hanzou lifted the jade haired male, laughing wildly.

-With Hideo-

Making a mad dash towards his home, the young Kurogane took a look back at the direction of the school and the battling manin. His pace slowly decreased the more he ran, before coming to a complete stop.

“What am I doing?” He panted, sending another glance towards the school.

“Sensei…Sensei can’t fight Hanzou alone! But…what can I do to help?” Hideo grabbed the right side of his head, thinking of something, anything he could do. The only helpful thing would be to go to the police and inform that, but that would expose both his and Roda’s status as a Manin.

A chill went down his spin, still not able to come to terms of what his is. How could he be a manin? How could he be one of the creatures responsible for the death of his best friend’s father?

At that moment, a thought occurred to him; Hanzou said he had been waiting years to find Hideo. Could he be the one? Could he have attacked Hideo neighborhood in an attempt to find him? Was it his fault Norii lost his father?

Clenching his fist, Hideo shot a fierce glare towards the path to his school.

With a shaky sigh and a hard shallow, the red eyed teen ran once more in the vicinity of the school.

-At the school-

Hanzou threw Roda hard against the wall, sending him through it. Roda struggled to his feet, coughing up blood.

Hanzou laughed as he walked through the hole. “You should have stayed hidden, Roda.” Raising his claw, Hanzou prepared to deliver the final blow.



Both men turned to find Hideo, panting heavily, standing in the doorway. Standing there was Hideo.

“Hideo! Why are you here!? I told you to run!” Roda screamed.

“I…I have to know something…H-Hanzou-sensei;” Hideo felt his chest swell up, his breathing becoming heavier as he looked at the towering creature. “I-I need to ask you something...” Hideo began. “Three years ago, my neighborhood was attacked by a manin; A manin that looked like you.” Hideo voice was trebling, his hands were shaking, his breath was short.

“Were…Were you the main who killed Norii’s father?! Did you kill Hiruzen Hitora!?” Hanzou raised a brow at the boy’s question.

“Hiruzen? I don’t know anyone by that name.” Hanzou replied.

Hideo felt both and relived and terrified. The manin responsible for Hiruzen’s death was still out there.

“Not like it matters.” Hideo's head rose up, glaring daggers at the hulking wolf man. “What do you mean?” Hideo asked, uncertain of the manin’s words.

“Even if I didn’t kill him;” Hanzou smiled darkly. “He’s better off dead.” Hideo shot a harsh glare at the wolf manin.

“What did you say?” Hideo’s body shook with rage and fury. Hanzou snickered.

“He was nothing more than a worthless human. He is better off-“Hanzou was cut off by Hideo’s fist connecting with his jaw, sending him back a few inches. This action took the older two manin by surprise. Hideo glare daggers at Hanzou, clenching his fist and breathing heavily.

“Don’t…Don’t you dare talk about Hitora-san like that!” Hideo howled. “Hitora was a far better man than you ever were or will be, you monster!”

Hanzou held his cheek for a brief moment. Roda stared wide eyed at his student, in a state of pure shock.

Amazing…’ Roda thought; slowly rising to his feet.

Hanzou’s smile grew. “You’ve got a pretty strong punch, Kurogane.” The wolf manin chuckled. Taking several steps forward Hanzou stood before Hideo, staring down at the ivory haired boy, Hanzou let out a furious howl.

Hideo swallowed hard, his body shaking with the howl.

“Well, then Kurogane…” Hanzou extended his raised claw. “I believe you should come with me. My superior would like to meet you.”

“Superior?! You’re working for someone else!?” Roda spoke weakly.

Hanzou snickered, his back still facing Roda. “Of course I do. Why else would I spend time around humans?” Hanzou looked at Hideo, his claw still open. “Now, be a good boy and come with me, Kurogane.”

Hideo stared directly at the immense manin. His heart was racing. His palms sweaty and he felt as if his heart was going to burst at any moment.

Taking a deep breath, Hideo spoke.

“I…I’m not going anywhere with you, monster!”

Furious, Hanzou bore his fangs.

“You don’t have a choice!” The wolf man lunged at the boy, claws stretched out.

On instinct, Hideo held his arms up in a vain attempt to protect himself.

“HIDEO!” Roda tried to move to him only to fall once more, blood pouring at of his wound.

“D-Dammit; It’s no good.” Roda coughed, clutching his chest.

“YOU’RE MINE!!” Hanzou howled. Hideo closed his eyes tightly, expecting to feel the grasp of a large, clawed hand around his neck. But…he felt nothing. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Hanzou, his claws pressed against a white bubble like construct.

Hideo stumbled backwards, shocked by what appeared before him.

“What is that thing!?” He shouted. Hanzou growled, furious that he was, once again, halted
“GRR..” Hanzou struck the bubble with a great deal of force, shattering it.

Hanzou swatted at Hideo several times, only to for it to be blocked by the reappearing bubble shield.

Hanzou growled angrily. “Stop this at once!”

“I-I’m not doing anything!” Hideo tried to defend himself; however, Hanzou was not listening. With another frenzied howl, the wolf manin drove his claw in the direction of the bleached haired teen.
Hideo quickly rolled away from the attack. Hanzou’s claw dug deep within the floor, when his brought it up wards chunks of debris flew at Hideo.

The bubble shield appeared once more, protecting the young manin from the assault. Hideo stared wide eyed at what was happening. He was fighting (for lack of a better word) against a man who, at one time, was once his teacher! Now, the same man was now a hulking wolf monster trying to take him or maybe even kill him!

“K-Kurogame!” Roda coughed up some blood, leaning against a nearby wall.

Hideo was terrified. He had no idea what to do.

If this is my power…then I should be able to control and use it any way I want, right?’ Hideo pondered. He needed space. He needed to get away from Hanzou to test his theory.

Standing up, the crimson eyed teen made a mad dash for the front door, Hanzou close behind him.
Bursting through the door, Hideo ran to the middle of the school yard, panting heavily.
Unfortunately, his peace was short lived as the doors flew off. Hanzou charged at him at full speed.

Hideo held out his right arm, trying to summon his power to no alive.

“Come on! Come on!” Hideo pleaded, focusing hard for something to happen.

“Please! You helped me before; why did you stop now!?” Hideo screamed, closing his eyes tightly, tears running down his cheeks.

“YOU ARE MINE, BOY!!” Hanzou plunged claws first at Hideo aiming for his throat.

With one final breath, Hideo shouted;

“PLEASE!!!” At that moment, Hideo’s hand began to glow. A Powerful force of energy released from the young man’s hand, blasting the older manin back a great distance.

Roda managed to hobble over to the hole where the door once was. Having witness everything, his mouth hung open.

“H-He’s” Roda quickly flattened himself against a wall as Hanzou was blasted back into the school, tearing through the halls as he flew by.

Roda looked back at Hanzou, who was twitching slight. Indicating that he was still alive, before slowly turning back to Hideo.

The ivory haired teen let out several hard coughs before collapsing on the ground from fatigue.

Roda slowly walked over to the boy, blood slowly guessing from his wound.

Kneeling beside him, the jade eyed male let out a sigh of relief.

“Good. He’s still breathing.”

Suddenly, he felt a presence; two familiar presences. Looking up he was met with a pair of icy blue eyes.

“Hey, Tamashii. You look like shit.”A harsh sounding voice spoke. Looking at him were two people; A man and a woman.

The woman appeared to be in her early or mid-20s. She had short black hair, a fair complexion with a few bangs covering her forehead. She had on a dark red, sleeveless top, dark green cargo pants, and brown boots, and black fingerless gloves.

The male had dark brown hair, with light brown bangs hanging of the side; a tan complexion and orange eyes. The man was wearing a black formal suit, with a light red formal shirt, and black shoes. Roda could smell cigarette smoke coming from his direction.

“Nice to see you too, Natsuko.” The jade haired manin chuckled weakly.

The man walked up to his ally and placed a friendly hand on his shoulder.

“You ok?” He asked his tone much calmer than his female companion's.

“I’ll live…” The male struggled to stand, only to fall. The brunet quickly caught his friend.
“Thanks, Shuu.” Roda smiled weakly. Shuu gave a nod, putting his arm around Roda’s back.

“So…” Natsuko spoke, turning to the unconscious Hideo. “He’s the manin?”

Roda gave a nod as confirmation.

“And the shifter class? Where is he?” Shuu asked.

Roda’s head slowly turned towards the large hole where the entrance once was.

Natsuko whistled in astonishment.

“Damn, Tama. Kinda hardcore for you, eh?” Natsuko chuckled.

Roda shook his head. “It wasn’t me. He did it.” Two sets of eyes fell upon the white haired manin.
“S-seriously!?” Shuu ask in disbelief. “B-but he just discovered his power today, didn’t he!? How could he pull something like that off!?”

Roda give a shrug. “I’m not sure myself. But, it seemed to have been done out of fear.”
“That’s nice and all, but I think we need to get to the real question; what’s his class?” Nasutko inquired.

Roda look at Hideo than back to his allies. With a sigh, he spoke.

“I’m…not a hundred percent sure, but…” Roda paused, his voice dripping with hesitation.
“But?” Natsuko pressured.

Sighing, the manin continued. “But, I think he may be either a generator or…” Roda stopped once more.

“Jeez, would you stop doing that, Tama?! What’s the big deal! He’s either a generator or what!?” Nasutko yelled, irritated by Roda’s hesitation.

Roda groaned lightly. He couldn’t keep this up for very long. Even if he didn’t tell them, once they took Hideo to their HQ, they would find out there. With a deep exhale, Roda spoke once more.

“…A spirit chanter.”

Nasutko’s expression quickly changed from annoyance to shock. Shuu’s jaw hung open, his cigarette falling out.

Both stared wide eyed at the young manin before them, before the glazes became fixed on their injured friend.


-Several hours later-

Hideo’s eyes flickered open; slowly he turned to view his surroundings.

“Huh? He raised a brow. He was not in his bedroom, but in a hospital.

“H-how did I get here?”

“Ahh! Good evening. “Spoke Roda, standing in the doorway and using a cane for support. Hideo could see that his chest was wrapped in bandages.

“Um…g-good evening, sensei.” Hideo tried to sit up, but failed. His body felt heavy. His mind has hazy. What had happened that made him feel this way?

“Do you remember anything?” Roda asked. Hideo shook his head. “Not really...” He answered.

“I..I remember going to the school to find my book…and Mr.Hanzou..” Hideo gasped. The memories of what took place tonight! His teacher, Hanzou Kirigri, was a manin!

“R-Roda-sensei…”Hideo’s voice was trembling. He breathing became quick and panicked. “Are you a manin?” Roda gave a nod of conformation. Hideo began to shiver, a cold chill traveled down his spine. Slowly, he opened his mount to speak.

“Am...Am I-“

“Yes.” Roda cut him off. “You are a manin as well.”

Hideo looked horrified. His face lost all color, as he put his face into his hands, sobbing lightly.

Roda slowly made his way to the sobbing teen, taking a seat in the empty chair next to him.

“Kurogane…Hideo. I know what you must be feeling right now.” Roda began. “But, you mustn’t’ see this as a bad thing.” Hideo looked at the older male. “H-huh?”

“You have an amazing gift, Hideo. And, with the right help, it can become something truly fantastic!” Roda said, with some added enthusiasm.

Hideo, now fully focused on Roda’s words, continued to listen.

“I believe that you can accomplish many great things, Hideo. I’m positive that your power can be used to help people. To protect people from others like Hanzou.” Roda smiled warmly at the boy. Hideo simply looked at him, still uncertain about his intent.

“B-b-but, how? I mean, I can’t even control this power. Let alone use it to help people.” Roda chuckled lightly.

“That’s were Death Beat comes in.”

“Death…Beat?” Hideo cocked his head to the side.

“The group I am a part of. They sent me here to find Hanzou at first. Then, I found you purely by accident.” Roda replied. “Funny, isn’t it?”

“I…guess.” Hideo looked down at the ground for some time before speaking again.

“Um…sensei? How can this “Death Beat” help me?”

“By training you.” Roda responded. “D.B. can help you learn to control your power, and turn it into a focus that can aid and protect people; Humans and Manin.” Roda smiled proudly.

Hideo raised a brow. “Humans…AND manin?” Roda nodded in response.

“Look;” Roda began. “I still have to fill out and send my report back to my superiors…depending on your answer, I’ll include you in the report and request permission to have you return with me.”
Hideo glazed that the emerald eyed male. Thinking about what he should do.

“I’ll, of course, give you some time to think it over. But, please don’t take too long.” With another warm smile, the jade haired manin stood up and proceed towards the door.

Roda turned to Hideo one finale time, his expression seemed slightly more serious.

“I meant everything I said, Kurogane-kun. I believe you can make a difference.” With another smile and nod, Roda left, closing the door behind him, leaving Hideo with only himself and his thoughts.

“I…can do great things.” Hideo said aloud. Looking out the window, he pounded everything Roda had told him. Did he really have the power to protect others? Was he capable of greatness? Could he really make a difference?

A yawn escaped his lips, indicating his was still tired. Not surprising after the night he had.
“I’ll think more about it tomorrow.” With another yawn, Hideo lied down, closed his eyes, and drifted back to sleep.
Death Beat Chapter 1: Green haired man
It's done. It's finally done. The first Chapter of Death Beat is, at long last. DONE.

Now to get to work on the second chapter.,.Joy.

Thanks to :iconsharingan-shinobi: for proof reading and editing the chapter.

Also for those wondering; "Mahou Ningan" (or Manin as they will be referred to as) means Mystic (or magic) human.

How do the fights work in my piece?
What impression do you get from it?
Should I change the flashback part?
Are my characters believable? 
Does the piece hold your interest?

Something I don't get within fandoms is that if you don't like or hate a ship...why do you keep thinking about it, making ant work about it or requesting/commissioning anti work of it? I use to do this during my younger Internet days, and looking back at it now...It was really pathetic. 

And before anyone says "Well, I'm free to like and hate what I want." You are totally right. You have total freedom to like and dislike what you want. But, what I am asking is why focus some much of your energy on something you don't like? Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on your otp rather than give your ship a bad name by creating all this negativity?  Something else that is bother some is when they do make work of their otp...and it features a character from their notp being a terrible partner and the person from their otp as a savior.

I'm honestly baffled by this...If you have a ship you dislike, just dislike and stop with all the anti work(it just makes you look really immature) and focus on your otp.

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TMNT by bitchinvixen Old School TMNT Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Scorpion Stamp by VivaVoce Sub-Zero Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki Falcon PUUUNCH stamp by Littlelinky Captain Falcon Stamp by dn-revenge Ryu Stamp :3 by isawarrior Chun-Li Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Stamp: Ryu and Chun-Li 4Ever by sketchandthecity
I Love Fighting Games by debureturns Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalpha Brawl Stamp by mushir Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie
Violent Games Stamp by RaptureCyner Bender Stamp by foreverwhiteknight T.N.B.C Stamp by REDWOOD3D Stamp Over 9000 by urnightmare
Stamp - Pizza and Coke by zurisu AxelMemorized-stamp by ZeroIQ5 Stamp snoopy love by Drixi SUPPORT SEA SALT ICE CREAM XD by seasalticecream-fc .:Watchmen:. Stamp Animated by styrecat Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 Anger Management Stamp by Busiris Mmm Chocolate by Tepara OUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-Spirit Capcom vs SNK Fan Stamp by 2ndCityCrusader I heart hentai stamp. by RadioactivePopTart Megaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTart Deadpool Stamp by AubryTheOdd RQ: DannyxSam Stamp 2 by DP-Stamps I LOVE BEN10 AF stamp by Miniyuna Americanime Stamp by Dragara Generator Rex Stamp by JesamineFey123 Falloutboy Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Nintendo Fan Stamp by DigitalFlareon Sega Stamp by JazzaX Sony by phantom Xbox 360 stamp by Sonozaki-Mion D-Gray Man-Stamp by EnergyDrinkFreak AllenxLenalee Stamp by Bean-Sprout Stamp - Soul Eater by Suxinn I support SoulxMaka by 0Dreamlight0 Zutara Kiss Stamp by Faytale Soul Calibur Stamp by Tenn1502 Tekken Stamp by CoolBlueX Legend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666
Metroid Stamp by phazonwarrior KOF: MI Regulation 'A' Stamp by tenjin-kai Mortal Kombat stamp by Metadream Bloody roar - stamp by Carolzilla Guilty Gear Stamp by Nhur InuYasha Stamp - Animated by Astanine
Gohan Fan I by dream0writer7 No Sleep Stamps Will Eat Me by bizarrostamps Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo PP-love stamp by sam-ely-ember
Anime by marshmellowbrains I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps Stamps - MindFuck by LitaOliveira Manga Addict by stamps-club
Stamp: I Read Manga by Mahkohime
+NaruSaku+ by SweetMiaArt ShikaIno Stamp by KandyPrower
Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey Bleach Fanatic Stamp by Storm-the-cat

~Break 1~

Stamp Zoro and Nami 01 by francielenfortes RobinxLuffy Stamp 1 by straw-hat One Piece FAN by DMR-ELK Stamp_I support Haru X Elie by Haoiki
I still love Dragonball stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Parker-Stark
LingFan Stamp by neopuff +Digimon Adventure Stamp+ by Blackgatomon
+Digimon Zero Two Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Digimon Tamers Stamp+ by Blackgatomon
+Digimon Frontier+ by Blackgatomon Digimon Savers Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi
Stamp: Tai x Sora by UchihaAkio Stamp: Mimi x Yamato by UchihaAkio
Stamp, Not Enough Sleep by BriBriBlitz Sleep - Stamp by Suyy
CROSSOVER WRITER STAMP by coraza-de-acero Video Game Music Stamp by StampGuy101 Live at Con Stamp - Video Game by Gokulover4ever
YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Shonen Jump stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps
Yugioh GX TEC Stamp by YGO-GX-TEC Yu-Gi-Oh Stamp by Cute-and-Cuddly
5D's Stamp by Insector-Hagako 5D's Stamp - Aki x Yuusei 2 by YuseiLuvsAki-FanClub

~Break 2~

Devotionshipping Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps freak Stamp by zilla774
Stamp: TsunaKyoko by Roado 5986 stamp by GokuHaru-Club
KHR Stamp by Zaphk by KHRclub
pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX
Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy by coffeefanatic3462 Bieber fever? No thanks.. by XNessNessX Final Fantasy Fanatic by jpopqueen26
Second stamp: Anime girls... by TeraMaster First stamp: Anime Boys... by TeraMasterI support Jin Stamp by SinRainyday666 Royal Knights -stamp by Sysirauta
Demon Lords stamp by LadyBeelze Born To Be An Otaku Stamp by RaeLogan
I Support Homosexuals Stamp by Repa-Chan Liberty and Justice for ALL by Zet206
Chain letter stamp by Hapuriainen Save Danny Phantom-Stamp by everycartoonsclub
Pro-Dub Stamp by HatakeMirukon Original Character Addict by lycanthropeful
Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Squenix Whore Stamp by tafkae Anime Stamp by ReikoChan
+I L O V E My OC's+ by Darkest-OfTimes

~Break 3~
::Pro Anime Dub Stamp:: by Shokou-sama TK stamp by Lentertament
AntiYaoiIsNotHomophobia by queen-of-pie Walter Dornez Fan :Stamp: by Circe-Baka
Marvel vs. Capcom Fan Stamp by soryukey Team blade by ISockStealer
Onion Head Support Stamp by Leonidash15 "Hating Twilight" Stamp by sammipa
stamp by Akuchi-Nobara
Slow interwebz by prosaix I luff chocolate by prosaix Annoying Noobs... by Leonidash15
Sven Stamp by lightpurge Anti SasuSaku-NaruHina STAMP by Anti-sXs-nXh Mickey Mouse stamp by SparrowWings King Mickey saved my ASS by gw33t3r-love Sonic Stamp by Miha85 Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface Spider-Man face stamp by RikkuRenee Stamp: Spider-Man by RojoRamos Wumbo Stamp by Kataoi Sora-KFAD-stamp by ZeroIQ5 BUMP OF CHICKEN stamp by CullenG-LSS Sora by Ellexon Roxas by Ellexon Kairi by Ellexon Namine by Ellexon

~Break 4~
Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez What's up Doc? Stamp by Toonfreak TMNT by bitchinvixen Old School TMNT Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho Big Mac Stamp by jewlecho Fluttershy Stamp by jewlecho MS Ghost Stamp by TwilightProwler Mystery Skulls-Ghost- Vivi X Lewis stamp by ShinyMeowstic .:request:. DisLestia Stamp by schwarzekatze4 .:request:. NeonScratch Stamp by schwarzekatze4 Stamp: It's OK to be honest! by 8manderz8 Stamp: It's OK to be honest! by 8manderz8 Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Adventure Time Stamp -FC- by Trillo-Lillo Steven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf Steven Universe by stampsnstuff Regular Show Stamp by Ventarix Regular Show Stamp [ANIMATED VERSION] by darkdissolution Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty Gravity Falls Stamp 2013 by ScittyKitty
2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBell TMNT 2012: Donnie Fan stamp by TMNT-Raph-fan
I Like MLP: FiM Stamp by Firey-Flamy MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi
Equestria Girls Fan - Stamp by Twiinyan Rainbow Rocks stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersFlashLight Fan Stamp by Twiinyan CheesePie Fan Stamp #2 by Twiinyan .:request:. FlutterMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4 SoarinDash Stamp by DemonKaizoku Raripike Stamp by migueruchan CadanceArmor - Stamp by A-Ponies-Love Stamp - Persona 4 by MiaKa-CiD I love Persona 4 stamp by Kemaru Persona 3 Fan Stamp by McGenio stamp: Persona 3 by AgentDibbs Randy Cunningham stamp by Nicktoon-Grl RC9GN Stamp by stampsnstuff Tales of Stamp by squidlarkin


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