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Name: Kai Raiken

Nickname/Alias: Thunder Hound,King of Weapons

Age: 23

DOB: February 13

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'7

Weight: 219

Build: Muscular  

Series(if any): Fortune Academy

Clothes: Black sleeveless coat, white muscle shirt, purple martial arts pants, blue slip on shoes, blue and dark gray finger-less gloves, brown belt.
Hair color & style: Dark blue with light blue fringe

Eye color: Violet

Skin color: Tan

Background: For centuries, the members of the Raiken family have always served the god of Raikou island,Raikotsu and his family. When Hanamaru was born, Tsubaki and her brother Kai were given the task to protect Hanamaru with their lives; just as previous generations had done. When it was revealed that Hana was leaving Raikou Island to attend Fortune Academy, Tsubaki and Kai followed suit.

Personality: As a contrast to Tsubaki's Stern and serious persona, Kai is much more relaxed and mellow. He speaks very clearly and calmly. He never swears, as he believes swearing adds nothing to one's speech. Kai(much like Hanamaru) usually refers to people with honorifics; For people he is very close to,he adds "chan" to their name(exp: Tsu-chan for Tsubaki. Hana-chan for Hanamaru)For everyone else,he adds "san" to their names. This also applies to Raikoutsu; while all of the residents of Raikou Island refers to him as "Raikoutsu-sama" Kai calls him "Rai-san" which is considered by many to be disrespectful,however,Raikoutsu doesn't seem to mind. While he does not often show it,Kai cares deeply for both his clan and the house of Raikou; however, he does not always agree with some of the choices that The house makes, Kai has been referred by many(including his own sister) as "spacey" due to his mellow way of speaking and often staring off into space.

Power& Abilities: As the current head of the Raiken clan, Kai has an amazing amount of control over lightning magic. It has been rumored that his lightning power is even on par with Hanamaru's. Like Tsubaki, he is able to use lightning in every way imaginable. He can fire it as a beam or in a wave-like motion (it's usually in the shape of an arrow or  shaped like a canine) can create constructs (such as  axes, swords , scythes, and even golems) He is also capable of channeling lightning through his weapon, thunder break, to inflicted extra damage.  Kai is a highly skilled weapon combatant. He has been called the "King of weapons" on many occasions. Even Raikoutsu has praised his skills with weapons. He mostly uses his axe, Thunder Break. He has displayed considerably great ability in wielding the weapons produced by his Lightning magic. He has been shown to wield swords flawlessly, and wield a scythe and other blade-like weapons with no problems. In terms of long range weapons, he possesses a great deal of accuracy, able to hit a foe from a far distant.  Kai also possess fairly good hand-to-hand combat skills. His fighting style consists of quick punches and kicks, as well as heavy attacks with his elbows and knees. Though, he admits that Tsubaki is a better un-armed fighter. Like most lighting users, Kai is vulnerable to water magic. Coming in contact with it will weaken (or possibly) strip him of his Lightning magic. Kai also has very poor speed and agility (at least compared to the other members of the Raiken clan) while,faster and more agile than normal humans, compared to his sister and fellow clansmen, he is relatively slow.

Weapons (if any):  Multiple weapons. Manly uses an ax named "Thunder Break"

Home town: Raikou Island

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Nationality: Neova

Orientation: Hetro

Tattoos or scars: None

Allegiance (Good, Evil, or Neutral): Good

Unusual features:  Purple eyes

Occupation: Guardian of Hanamaru, Head of the Raiken clan

Hobbies: Cloud watching, Archery

Likes: Grilled steak, chocolate cake, Lizards, Hanamaru, Classic rock

Dislikes:  Fish, beefsteak, alcohol, some choices made by the House of Raikou,

Family: Raiken clan, Tsubaki(sister)

Character relationships:  Hanamaru( Master) House of Raikou(Serves)

Preferred seiyu:  Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Preferred Voice actor: Vic Mignogna

Theme song: Uso by SID




Agility: 2

Durability: 8


Overall: 25

Personal quote:  "*Yawn* Ok,ok. Let's get going"


Kai is owned by me.

FA is owned by SS.

Made with tektek.

EDIT: Fixing more spelling errors. Thanks again,:iconshootingstar429: ^^

EDIT 2: New preview pic. Made by the awesome :iconetheriouskomborush: Another kick ass artist you should follow!
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shootingstar429 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
I really like Kai. I found no clinches, although I could have missed something. The only thing I found were spelling and tense errors. "The members of the Raiment family HAS always served..." Should be have, because the subject is members not family. "He NEAR swears". "can CREATES constructs" shoulder be create. "Thunder break, to INFLICTED extra damage" should be inflict. "Mainly uses ax named Thunder Break" should be AN AX.
Crimson-Kaizer Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
God,I suck! Thank you for pointing out the spelling errors in both of my OCs. ^^



Hm...2010...I think I need to update that....
shootingstar429 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Lol no problem :)

I wish I had word 2010

I have 2002 :'(
Sharingan-Shinobi Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Kai is a very interesting character too! Usually lazy, but serious when the situation calls for it. Very nice. As I mentioned before, I like the way his personality contrasts with Tsubaki's~

Great job on both of them, bro!
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