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Chapter 3
“Can ya believe all the trouble they got into?” Applejack asked with a shake of her head.
“I wish they'd be more careful,” Fluttershy replied, adding a sigh onto her answer.
Applejack chuckled slightly. “Ah know whatcha mean. They were darn lucky this time.”
Fluttershy grinned as the two walked out of Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy raising her arm to block the lingering rays of sunlight.
Applejack adjusted her hat as they watched the sun slowly set. “Dang. Gettin’ late. We should wrap this up. Where else do we need to go?”
Breaking out a list, Fluttershy scanned it quickly. “Um… Oh. Safari Zone. They should have the antiseptic and gauze.”
With a nod, they walked down the road opposite of Sugar Cube Corners. Cars, bikes, and motorcycles were interspersed throughout the place like an unfinished chess game. Noises drifted towards them, ever-increasing as they made their way to the sidewalk outside the school grounds. Ru
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 1 2
Flash exhaled sharply as he lied on his bed, Casting his gaze to the right, a calendar hung from the wall. On it, a circle made with dark purple marker surrounded the eighteenth. Flash sighed deeply.
“Father’s day, huh?” he spoke aloud. “Maybe I’ll go see mom. Better than just sitting in my room alone.” Rising from his bed, he lazily made his way towards the living area of his childhood home.
His eyes briefly scanned the room, passing by several large shelves, some filled with books and the rest holding trinkets and souvenirs from Solar's time as an active Hunter. One thing, in particular, caught his attention: a broken shield with several claw marks near its base, with a hole just above them.
Walking over to it, he picked the shield up to further examine it, noticing several bite marks along the edges.
“Jeez, Dad. Were you trying to tear the guy’s arm off?” Flash chuckled.
“He came close.”
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 1
Chapter 2
Flash cleared his throat. “Well, I’m gonna head out, Twilight. Have fun at your lecture. Soarin, Rainbow? Try not to summon a monster from another universe. And sibs? Good luck.”
“With the exams or mom?” Scootaloo whispered, a mischievous smile on her face.
“Yes,” Flash snarked, winking at them. “Take care, mom. I’ll pay you a visit when I get home.”
Solar took a deep breath and smiled as Flash prepared to leave. “Alright, dear. Bye!”
“Bye Flash!” First Base and Scootaloo waved.
“I promise nothing!” Soarin shouted.
“Later, cheeseball!” Rainbow grinned. As Flash vanished into the sea of students, Rainbow gestured towards Soarin.
“Come on, Highlane. We have a Summoner class to get to.”
He groaned. “This is gonna suck.”
“I know, I know. Let’s just get it over with.” Rainbow pushed Soarin down the opp
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Chapter 1-B
A torrent of emotions and thoughts went through Flash’s mind as he stood before a class full of ten-year-olds. Some whispered and pointed fingers, others stared at him in awe and curiosity, and even a few had hands raised.
“Now class, we have a special treat today! This is Flash Sentry, one of Aubade Academia’s many accomplished C-rank Hunters.”
The class roared with ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as the children stared at the flustered Hunter.
Why did I agree to this? Flash grumbled to himself. Master Safari continued.
“Now, Flash is a rather ‘special’ student. Isn’t that right?” Safari turned to Flash with a huge grin.
“Uh… y-yeah. See, I’m a half-Daemon.”
There was a brief silence before the class erupted with noise. Thirty voices all shouting their question, hands shooting up like rockets. The onslaught of questions caught Flash off guard and quickly overwhelmed him.
“Class, pleas
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 4 6
Chapter 1-A
The grass rolled back as the wind pushed against it. Above, the cries of birds rang through the clear blue sky. On the ground below, a loud roar shook the leaves from the trees. A manticore shot out of the bush, its leather wings flapping rapidly. It slid across the ground at great speeds before stopping short of slamming into a tree. Sharply turning its head, the creature growled at a nearby shrub.
From it shot a young man sporting a red vest. His blue hair bobbed as he leaped from the shrubbery, his sapphire eyes locked onto the hissing beast before him.
“Got you now,” his voice dripped with confidence. A grin spread across his lips, showcasing large, bestial fangs. “Okay, Manny. Be a good manticore and come take this tranquilizer.”
The manticore roared, its tail lashing out violently. This tactic did little to dissuade the young man, however. With a shrug, he drew from his back a golden-headed spear, twirling it before pointing the tip in Manny’s direct
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 5
Hunters: Prologue
Hiya! Welcome to the world of Hunters. I’m Pinkie Pie, but most folks call me Pinkie. You can too!
Hunters is full of monsters, magic, and all sorts of neat-o stuff that starts with ‘m.’ Marbles, music, mint ice cream, microscopic organisms, mashed potatoes, mulberry pies, marzipan cakes, mascarpone cheese, meringue…
Whoops! Sorry, I got distracted. And I haven’t had a snack in, uh, ten minutes so I’m kind of hungry. I mean, it’s really hard to stay focused when your tummy’s yelling “Feed me Pinkie! Feed me now!”
… Yeah, I’m gonna go get a snack now. But that’s okay! I know how to think things out loud.
What? Did you think I was gonna talk with my mouth full? I mean, I could, but it’d be all
“Mmf mm-hmm mm m mmhm-hm-hm” in chapter five. See? I just said something important, but you couldn’t understand me, could ya?
Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you have fun! I
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 0
MLP Next Gen Breakdown
Prince/Captain Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle
Marriage date: May 9th
Number of children: Four
Brick Book(Age:17. Eldest son), Stellar(Age:14. Eldest daughter),  Starfall(Age: 14. Youngest daughter), Orion( Age: 8. Youngest)
Soarin Highlane and Rainbow Dash
Marriage date: June 21st
Number of children: Two
Storm Rider(Age 17) Blitzkrieg(Age 13)
Spike and Rarity
Marriage date: September 15th
Number of children: One
Amethyst(Age 12)
Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Marriage date: April 2nd
Number of children: Three
PBJ(Age 16, oldest) Cherry Pie and Chowder Cheddar(Age: 5)
Macintosh and Fluttershy:
Marriage date: August 1st
Number of children: Four
Sun Kiss(Age: 19, Eldest daughter) Johnny Appleseed II(Age 17), Honey Suckle(Age 14, second eldest daughter), Marigold(Age 5, youngest daughter)
Marriage date: -
Number of children: One
Golden Oaks(Age 9)
Sunset Shimmer and Bulk Biceps
Marriage date: November 22nd
Number of children: Two
Nova Striker(Age 18), Sun Spark(9
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 10 15
Gaster One by Crimson-Kaizer Gaster One :iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 59 15
Hunter/EQG: Cast meeting
Hunters/EQG: The cast meets themselves.
H. Flash:...
EQG Flash:...Uh...H-hi?
H.Flash:...You're...short. Like, really short.
EQG Flash: Hey!
H. Flash: And scrawny...
EQG Flash: HEY! I'M NOT SCRAWNY! Check this out! [Pulls arm out of jacket sleeve and flexes]
H. Flash:...What am I...looking at?
EQG Flash: My bicep!  
H. Flash: What bicep?
Sci-Twi: Uh...
H. Twi: H-hello. Um...I-I like your glasses.
Sci-Twi: Thanks. I-I like your...uh...gauntlets.
H. Twi: Thanks...
[Awkward silence]
Sci-Twi: So, we're in agreement that this is-
H. Twilight: Incredibly weird? Oh yes.
Sci-Twi: Would you believe if I said this was the second time this happened to me?
H. Twi:...What?
(Rainbow Dash)
EQG Dash: So, let me get this straight; you can make mini tornadoes, kick wind blades, and even fly?!
H. Dash: Well, I haven't actually tried flying...yet.
EQG Dash: cool!
H. Dash: I know, right?
EQG Dash: Man, I'm awesome in that dimension!
H. Dash: We're awesome in any d
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 0
Hunters Interlude: Halloween
[Flash and Soarin show up at a Halloween party, hosted by Pinkie Pie, in the same type of costume; Travis Touchdown]
Both: AHH!! REALLY? Well, one of us is gonna have to go change and it's not gonna be me.
[Brief pause before they snap to attention]
Soarin: Dude, no way! I had to change last year!
Flash: And I've been waiting that long for people to see me in this!
Soarin: Come on, man! Can't you wait another year! I worked really hard on this...
Flash: Bro, you're not even wearing the jacket! The most iconic part!
Soarin: Because it's one of the Desperate Struggle outfits!
Flash: The worst one!
Soarin: Hey, take that back! I'll have you know people like the moe shirt.
Flash: Right. They probably like it as much as DS's final boss.
Soarin[Now radiating a burning/freezing aura] : First you steal my costume, then you make fun of me and now you're being sarcastic!? Oh that's it, cat-boy, YOU'RE DEAD!
Flash[radiating an electric aura] :Good luck with that. Better men then you
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 3 3
Ittai Shirogane
Name: Ittai Shirogane
Nickname/Alias: Blazing Ittai, the swift sword, Dumb-ass
Series (if any): None
Age: 23
DOB: March 9th
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B-
Height: 6'1
Weight: 213
Clothes: Gray suit, purple tie, black gloves and shoes
Hair color & style: Dirt blonde, combed back
Eye color: Black
Skin color: Tan
Background: Ittai hails from the Saitama prefecture, coming from a family of blacksmiths, he's always had a fascination with weaponry, specifically swords. At the age of eight, he created his first sword. Proud of his work, he refused to anyone buy the sword from him. At the age of twelve, he enrolled at a dojo and began to train himself in the art of kendo. Eight years passed and his training was complete, he deiced to travel the world to test his newfound skills. Ittai would spend the next five years challenging powerful foe, defeating fierce monsters and improving his skills; both in blacksmith and kendo.  Recently, he had a fateful encounte
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 0
Hunters Interlude: Just another normal day
(Scene opens with Flash, who is about five years old, waking up)
Flash: [Yawn] Alright! Time to go wake up dad!
[Flash dashes down the hall of his home to his parent's room. He opens the door to find his parents still sleeping. Flash runs in and jumps on his parents bed]
Flash: Dad! Wake up! Wake up! [Flash jumps up and down] Come onnnnnn! Wake Up! [Flash bites Land's ear]
Solar: Hm...Land? Your son is awake...
Landslide: Before sunrise, he's your son. [Flash starts biting Land's tail] Okay, okay. Daddy's up. [Land wraps his tail around Flash ad brings him close] Hey there, kiddo.
Flash: Dad! You remember right?! What today is?!
[Land and Solar share a playful gaze]
Land: Hm...Today?  I can't seem to recall. Do you know what today is, Solar?
Solar: Nope. Totally stumped.
Flash: Daaaaaad! Stop messing around! Today is the day you show me that super cool tech!
Land: Oh right! Now...what was that tech again? [Landslide begins “thinking”] What was it again?
[Flash h
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 9
Bleach Final chapter Thoughts(Slight Spoilers)
While I do love the fact that Ichihime and Renruki became canon. mostly everyone is alive and well And the next gen kids are adorable children that take traits from both their parent... The over all ending felt...rushed. Very, very rushed. True we did see what happened to Juha and even learned why he want to merge the three worlds, but that too felted like it was crapped out at the last second.  Not to mentioned a mess of lingering plot lines that will most likely go unanswered. Also, the fake out with the lingering power of Juha being resolved so easily. It's still better than Naruto's and Soul Eater's by a large margin(nothing feels forced, awkward, comes right the fuck out of left field and destroys the characters personalities and development for the sake of shipping like the former and it's an actual ending and not a giant "What the fuck" moment that. for some reason, decides to talk about boobs like the latter) but I wish Kubo had more time to explain things. Still, it is a
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 7 9
A buckin' good time
[Scene opens at the sun slowly rising over Sweet Apple Acres. Macintosh and Johnny Appleseed are working in the field. Mac is pulling a wheel barrel of apples, while Johnny is inspecting a garden]
Mac:    Kay, Johnny. Yah done checkin’ on yer ma’s carrots?
Johnny: Yup! Their growing at a steady rate. (Johnny walks over to Mac)
Mac: Good. Now, pay close attention. Yer pa’s gonna teach ya how ta buck.
Johnny: Nice!
[Mac trots over to a tree, puts a basket in the front and turns around, his back legs facing it]
Mac: Okay, Johnny. We Apples have a great deal of power within our hoofs. More than most other earth ponies.  So, when buckin’ ya need be careful not tah knock the tree down.
[Mac slowly raises his left back leg and gives the tree a steady kick, causing all the apples to fall into the basket]
Johnny: Wow, pop! You’re super strong!
Mac: (Chuckles lightly with a slight blush) Thanks, Johnny. Now, why don’t you give it a try?
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 2 2
Talking with Uncle Soarin
[Scene opens with Brick Book, in his room, lying on his bed and reading]
(Knock. Knock)
Brick: Come in.
(Soarin, wearing a knapsack, walks in)
Soarin: Hey, BB! How's my favorite godson!?
Brick: I'm you're only godson, Uncle Soarin.
Soarin: Ah, right. Mind if I talk with ya for a bit?
(Brick nods. Soarin smiles, before taking a seat next to Brick)
Soarin: So, I heard you've got something of a crush on a certain mare?
(Brick blushes a deep red)
Soarin: It's cool, BB. Sugar Drop's a little cutie. Stormy said that, by the way.
Brick: Noted. But, and I truly do not mean to sound rude in the slightest, why have you come here?
Soarin: Well...I'm here to talk with you about the Birds and the Bees.
(Brick's jaw and book hit the floor)
Brick: W-What?!?! U-Uncle Soarin, while I do appreciate the offer, I believe this is the sort of conversation I should have with my father.
Soarin: Thing about that is, your dad's kinda a giant weenie when it comes to sex talk and your mom didn't fee
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 5 3
How Twilight's Kingdom Should have ended
How Twilight's Kingdom should have ended.
(Tirek just finished absorbing the Pegasus's flight)
Tirek: Ha. Now, that I have the Pegasus's flight, I'll steal the strength of the earth ponies!
???: Hey!
Tirek: Hm?
(Tirek turns to find a very annoyed looking Thunderlane)
Tirek: A Pegasus. Apparently, I missed one.
Thunderlane: Technically, three but that's not why I'm here. (Takes an offensive stance)
(Tirek laughs loudly)
Tirek: You, a mere Pegasus, believe yourself strong enough to defeat me? Hah! Such a notion is hum-
(Tirek gets cut off as Thunderlane uppercuts him, knocking a tooth out)
Tirek: (Befuddled as to what just happened) W-what-
(Thunderlane strikes Tirek in the back on the neck at a blinding speed and proceeds to utter wreck him. Striking him in the face with spinning roundhouse, assaulting his stomach with a barrage of rapid blows, kicking out the back of his fore and hind legs, charging hoof first at his neck again,  grabbing him by the tail flying upward a
:iconcrimson-kaizer:Crimson-Kaizer 6 2
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Random Favourites

Hyde Color Palettes UNIBELST by TaintedOneNinja Hyde Color Palettes UNIBELST :icontaintedoneninja:TaintedOneNinja 3 0 Gordeau Color Palettes UNIBSTEL by TaintedOneNinja Gordeau Color Palettes UNIBSTEL :icontaintedoneninja:TaintedOneNinja 2 0 (DTA) A Walk in the Rain by MusicalGlitchinMandy (DTA) A Walk in the Rain :iconmusicalglitchinmandy:MusicalGlitchinMandy 21 0 Shadowsis98 Remake by Shadowsis98 Shadowsis98 Remake :iconshadowsis98:Shadowsis98 7 3 Stammi Vicino Yuuri Cosplay by ZakuraRain Stammi Vicino Yuuri Cosplay :iconzakurarain:ZakuraRain 47 3
The Idol of Legend.
"All right! Are you ready for a fair battle?"
Name: Tsubasa Kazanari
Age: 22
Country of Origin: Japan
Date of Birth: May 25
Occupation: Singer, Member of S.O.N.G, demon huntress
Height: 167 cm
Weight: Embarrassed to reveal
Blood Type: B
Hairstyle: Long Hair
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Dark Blue
Bust Size: 89 cm
Waist: 57 cm
Hips: 83 cm
Relic: Ame no Habakiri
Race: Human
Demeanor: Heroic
Relationships: Hibiki Tachibana (lifelong best friend), Chris Yukine (lifelong best friend), Kanade Amou (lifelong best friend), Giorno Giovanna (boyfriend), Fudou Kazanari (Biological Father, Grandfather), Yatsuhiro Kazanari (Father, Biological older half brother), Genjuro Kazanari (Uncle, Biological older half brother)
Hobby: singing
Favourite Band: JAM Project
Likes: Giorno, her friends, karaoke, singing, anything cute, her family
Dislikes: bugs, ghosts
Fighting Style: Original
Signature Weapon Type: Katana
Signature Weapon Name: Ame no Habakiri
Control Scheme: GG-IZM
P1 Outfit: Orig
:iconazmodan0210:Azmodan0210 4 1
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Law Genderswap Censored :iconfanatic-comics:Fanatic-Comics 23 1
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Chun's Buns :icontb-arts:TB-Arts 146 6
Brett Stone - MinecraftArchitect90 by Jose-Ramiro Brett Stone - MinecraftArchitect90 :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 21 17 volumized hair for Cheval by Nano4K volumized hair for Cheval :iconnano4k:Nano4K 15 0 Polnareff and Sherry by Pickledsuicune Polnareff and Sherry :iconpickledsuicune:Pickledsuicune 14 7
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Greetings and Bienvenue all, and welcome to my page! I'm Crimson-Kazier~ Here's some info about me:

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Prince/Captain Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle
Marriage date: May 9th
Number of children: Four
Brick Book(Age:17. Eldest son), Stellar(Age:14. Eldest daughter),  Starfall(Age: 14. Youngest daughter), Orion( Age: 8. Youngest)

Soarin Highlane and Rainbow Dash
Marriage date: June 21st
Number of children: Two
Storm Rider(Age 17) Blitzkrieg(Age 13)

Spike and Rarity
Marriage date: September 15th
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Amethyst(Age 12)

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
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Marriage date: February 20th
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Sugar Drop(Age 17)

Braeburn and Spitfire
Marriage date: June 29th
Number of children: One
Cripes Pink(Age 4)
[This is solely for any MLP watchers of mine]

So, as you lot know, I like doing character and shipping memes from time to from(more so If I'm bored) and I like getting replies from you guys as it's a nice way o interacting with you all. 
It's because of this reason that I have to tell you all this. 
Next time I do one of these, I recommend not asking about:

Quibble Pants.
Zephyr Breeze.
Timber Spruce.
Feather Bangs.
I do not like any of these characters and have nothing nice to say about them or any ships involving them(Feather Bangs is an exception. I have no intention of watching Hard to say anything because I do not like SugarMac and refuse to involve myself with anything dealing with and since it's his debut episode, I clearly can't talk about a character I know nothing about). 

I can think of something nice to say about many MLP characters, except these five.  So... yeah. Bye.
[For ships, check here:  Pony Show shippin' meme Revised verson by Crimson-Kaizer ]


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